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Necklus is an online marketplace for unique and creative accessories for men and women. Known for our excellence in innovation and craftsmanship, we have been a reliable source of fashionable and trendy necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings of web shoppers not just in America, but all over the world.

One of America’s most visited accessories shop online, Necklus started as a small pendant shop out of Carson City, Nevada. Then, in 2004, our hard work and perseverance brought us good fortune to build a webstore and have a wider reach of clients through our online presence. Since then, Necklus evolved into the accessory market it is today.

Our team of designers and crafters have decades of experience in creating extraordinary accessories, which they brought to Necklus and produce awesome handcrafted fashion items. From unique wedding bands to romantic floral bangles, from elegant earrings to colourful resin pendants; our team has the outstanding creativity, special imagination and right inspiration to collaborate and invent such wonderful personal products.

Necklus accessories designs and styles draw inspiration from the landscapes, sceneries, and colors of the great outdoors. The materials that we use are natural and authentic to ensure that all wearers of our accessories get to experience the beauty of nature. The picturesque mountain ranges, the colourful plants and flowers, the beautiful winter sceneries, and the glowing night sky…all are included and intricately crafted to create the unique and artistic accessories for men and women.

As a company, we aim to touch the lives of our customers with more than what our products can give. We reach out to our communities and try to make a social impact out of the little things that we do. Necklus strives to show to local and international community how much we care, through our products, online content, and social works.

We highly believe in protecting our environment as well. Our company ensures that whatever we take from Mother Nature, we give back ten times. Necklus is commited to protect and conserve nature, and promote its beauty and wonder through our environment-inspired accessories. We support advocacies to encourage long-term sustainability of nature and create a better future for the next generation.

With Necklus, you are rest assured that the products you buy online will not affect the community and environment in a negative way. Instead, we guarantee as an organization, that what we do will have positive impact in one way or another.

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