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        If you are looking for an interesting pendant stone for a necklace, then an obsidian might end your search. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass in the form of extrusive igneous rock. It’s a hard stone but brittle enough to be fractured by sharp objects and shape it into differently designed pendants. Obsidian is dark colored because of the presence of iron and other transition elements making it a very good material for pendants, just like Necklus Obsidian pendants.

        Our obsidian pendants are very unique, creative, and symbolic. They can be slung on any type of chain or rope to make a charming necklace, which you can wear on top of casual attire. Necklus Obsidian pendants should also be your choice if you want an accessory to achieve a dark and emo look for gatherings and parties.

        Necklus Colorus

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        Necklus Colorus

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